YouTube become Top-Grossing Video App With $138 M Users Spending

By | August 2, 2019

A piece of new news comes that YouTube becomes the top-grossing mobile App in the Photo and Video category. In the last year, the revenue of the app become double over the same period, Over $138 million user spending at the end of June.

Top rated app
Top-rated app

70 percent revenue – United States
7 percent revenue -Japan
4 percent revenue – Great Britain

Now YouTube becomes Top ten of the play store list. YouTube is in our top position now due to YouTuve TV is currently available only in the US the only major market where iPhones continue to outsell Android smartphones.
While YouTube Premium subscriptions also count toward these figures, the fact that most of those offerings are still geared towards audiences means that the company has struggled to increase the number of subscribers outside the country.

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