Xiaomi Rumored to Launch 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor in November

By | August 8, 2019
34" Curved Gaming Monitor
34″ Curved Gaming Monitor

As we all know, nowadays the streaming of the game is very popular. So Xiaomi planning to launch a new, curved gaming monitor later this year in China. The device will have a 34-inch QHD+ screen with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 21:9 aspect ratio.
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According to the report, this device is launching in November and will be manufactured by a China-based, Hong Kong-listed company called Century Innovative Technology.
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In addition to including the latest and greatest hardware for the smoothest gameplay experience, the company also focused on improving the design with the addition of a green gradient to the black glass.
With this gaming monitor, the gaming streaming becomes so awesome and in look vice, it looks so cool and everything looks real in this 34″ curved gaming monitor.

SOURCE: Beebom

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