Wireless Charging Harmful For Batteries As Compared To Wired Charging

By | August 8, 2019

By the researchers, it is proved that wireless charging is more harmful than wired charging. In the last some years from wireless charging people has piqued by its charging method.
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This is all due to that, in wireless charging heat is generated too much. They say that wireless charging could generate an unwanted amount of heat due to the proximity of the devices involved – the charger and smartphone.

This heating is much worse than simple thermal conduction and convection. And as we all know that batteries can blast due to overheating. In the last few years, there are many cases comes which can scare you.
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Their temperatures should not go upwards of 50-60 degree Celcius. A maximum average temperature of 27-degrees Celcius over a charging period of 3 hours.

SOURCE: Beebom

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