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By | July 22, 2019

Examples of automation in everyday life |Types of automation |Automation examples |Types Of Automation |Disadvantages of Automation |Examples of automation |All about Automation

What is Automation

What is Automation
What is Automation

Automation is a technology and basically its application work in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of the various goods. It can perform the task that is previously done or performed by the human being. The automation is used in a number of fields like defence, transportation, manufacturing and information technology, etc. Automation is used in various industries and as in different ways. In another word, automation is used in various controlling systems for operating equipment such as stabilising of ships, Boiling and treating owens, a process in factories, and many other applications. Basically is used to reduce human intervention and make the human being work easier and efficient. Because of this, some work has been completely automated. Automation can be performed in many ways in various industries.

Types Of Automation
Types Of Automation

Types Of Automation

  • ANN (Artificial Neural Network) -: The Artificial Neural Network are used in space crafts and air crafts, there working are very complicated and for operating them needed experts.
  • DCS ( Distributed Control System ) -: The Distributed Control System are used to work the control system distributedly.
  • HMI ( Human Machine Interface)-: The Human Machine Interface provides full control, to interface between the human and the machines.
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)-: The  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition are basically used to make the window, in the window to operate alarm and to generate a history.SCADA provides controlling through PLC. 
  • PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller)-: The  PLC is a programmable controller and in PLC we use a programming language which is Lader logic. We decided the, which PlC uses in a machine that is dependent on there Input, Output, and their memory.
  • Instrumentation -: The Instruments that are used in Automation. In previous time we use EMI(Electrical measurement Instruments) they are very complex and outdated and very rarely used.
  • Motion control -: The Motion control are used to control the motion of a machine and they are basically used to control the motion of motors, pumps, and machines.
  • Robotics
Examples of automation in everyday life
Examples of automation in everyday life

Recent and emerging applications of Automation:-

  • Industrial Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Automated waste management
  • Automated highway systems
  • Automated mining
  • Stores
  • Food and Drinks
  • And many more

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Advantages of Automation

automation examples
automation examples
  • Productivity -: Higher production rates and increased productivity. Reduce the production cost, and also fewer employee costs. Increased in production capability because the machine can work 24 hours continuously, without unmanned.
  • Accuracy -: The increase in accuracy and repeatability. It will reduce the time.
  • Safety -: With the use of automation it is possible to improve working conditions and give a better result. And also give safety to your production process and plant. Because of that no labour crisis.
  • Quality -: More efficient or better use of materials and also give better product quality. Give better floor utilization.
  • Increased sales and profit.

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Disadvantages of Automation

Disadvantages of Automation
Disadvantages of Automation
  • Different types of machine using a motor which require a chemical or gas to operate, because of these the pollution can increase.
  • Automate machines can be one of the most costly machines, because of that company needed large initial investment.
  • By using the Automation machines, there are fewer employees are require and it gives rise to unemployment.
  • the coast of training the employees to operate the automated machines. The maintenance coast was also required.

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