How to Play PUBG Mobile Lite [Beginners Guide] – All You Need to Know

By | September 20, 2019

How to Play Pubg Mobile Lite: Before starting with Guide, Let us learn Little bit about the game. The Tencent which owns PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has launched a new version of the game for low-end devices which have RAM less than 2GB.

The game has 60 players in a match which last for 10 minutes and the map is 2×2 km. The Game works flawlessly in the Devices.

The game is very small in size, it is 491 MB as listed in play store. After installation, the game size approximately becomes 600 MB. Some new features listed by Tencent are:-

1. High-quality Graphics and HD Audio:- As the game is mostly for phones which have less RAM than 2 GB.

According to the game size, Quality And Sound are too good. The Game looks identical to PUBG mobile in some cases.

2. Players and Map:- As I have told above there are 60 players in a match, there is only one map to play at the Movement but we believe that soon more maps and moods will be added to the game, as the game is in Early phase of development. SEE more -: How To Download PUBG Pc

3. Playing with Friends:- You can invite your friends to team up, you can voice chat with your teammates, to coordinate a perfect attack on enemies.

PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile Lite

4. Fair Gaming Environment:- Tencent has made powerful anti-cheating mechanisms to ensure a fun and fair environment for all PUBG Mobile Lite players.

Some Points about New PUBG Mobile Lite

1. Weapon Recoil Suppression: PUBG Lite will also have lower weapon recoil compared to PUBG which helps in simplify gameplay more better than the Original Pubg.

2. Winner Pass: Royale Pass from the PUBG is replaced with a Winner Pass. The seasons for Winner Pass will last over a month and have faster achievements unlock.

3. Enhanced Aim Assist: The new aim assist makes aiming simple and better on weak internet Connections. The Aim Assist helps player differently in standing and prone positions.

4. Bullet Trail Adjustments: The PUBG Lite will feature increase bullet speed and no bullet drops effect which will simplify gameplay for weaker internet connection.

5. Healing while Moving: The most important change in gameplay involves adding the ability for players to heal while they are moving which makes Pubg Lite ahead of the main game PUBG.

The players can heal in all situations except when they are prone.

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6. Extended Time To Kill: PUBG Lite makes an increase in time to kill so that which will increase player survivable and aggressive gameplay.

7. Location Display: The map on PUBG Lite will expose a shooter within the mini map’s range, increasing battle speed which will lead to changing the strategy of the gamers in Lite version.

8. RPG and new Firearm: The PUBG Lite Players can find RPG- 7 in Drops which will lead in completely different gameplay than PUBG, as you can wipe out a whole Squad in Seconds.

PUBG Mobile Lite new update
PUBG Mobile Lite new update

9. Building Density and Loot Supply Optimizations: In addition to a smaller map, buildings density has been increased. Loot frequency has also been increased to make looting easy and speed up gameplay.

10. Map Quality: The quality of the map has been Optimized regarding its smaller size.

How to Download Pubg Mobile Lite (For your High-end devices)

How to Download Pubg Mobile Lite: It is the major Question Immerging in peoples minds after the Pubg lite has been released for mobile users.

If you are also here to find the answer to the ways to Download the Pubg Mobile Lite, you are at the correct website.

As we will guide you through the whole process to download the game without any problem. So let’s get started with the process of Installations.

Method 1: Download from Playstore

I believe that all of you know how to find and download the application but if you want to skip all the Steps of Playstore click on the Button Below and download the game, then we will start with how to play PUBG Mobile Lite.

If the method does not work for you do not worry we have another waiting for you right below the Button.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Method 2: Using other App stores for Downloading PUBG Lite

Nowadays all Mobile phones companies are having their own app stores. So you do not need to visit any website just use your App Store Provided by your Mobile Phone Company. Now Let’s get started with the Guide.

How to get Start with PUBG Mobile Lite

At the beginning of the game, players are required to customize their avatars as they are setting up, how their character would appear in the game.

Players can also control the UI layout for ease of use. Once the player starts playing some matches, he/she gets several points in-game which is known as BP(BATTLE POINTS).

BP can be earned by completing certain tasks such as logging in daily or killing a specified number of enemies.

PUBG Mobile Lite controls
PUBG Mobile Lite controls

Earning lots of BP results in the player being able to purchase crates, which contain special prizes in the form of clothes or coupons to get access to premium crates.

One can also use the money to buy in-game Battle coins for unlocking special and exclusive content for your victory.

pubg mobile lite hack
Pubg mobile lite hack

One can also Sell their in-game Cloths to earn Silver which is new in PUBG Mobile Lite. The Silver can be later used to redeem Cloths and Guns Skins in the Shop.

What kind of Matches to Choose In Pubg Lite

There are two major game modes – Classic and Arcade. Both the game modes are available in third person view (where you can see your character realistic) and first-person-view (where you get the realistic virtual experience). 

Classic Mode

The Classic mode match is available from 60 players from around the world to battle it out on a single map.

The match starts within 1-minute in the lounge area where the players can roam around and practice some of their moves. In the lounge area, you might often see new players added to the match until the total number of players reaches 60.

In those 60 players, some of our bots(Computerised players) and some are real players.

Arcade Mode

The Arcade Mode match, Now just have one map which is War mode which will be unlocked at player level 10.

The War mode match starts from 8 players from around the world to battle it out on a single more small place. The match starts within 20 seconds.

After someone killed you do not worry you will be back within 20 seconds in the Aeroplane ready to Jump. The Team which kill most numbers of enemies win.

Blue Zone or Blue Circle

To keep the gameplay intense, PUBG offers a method of control called the Blue Circle or Blue Zone.

The blue circle is a virtual ring surrounding play area in a map and is there to concentrate all players in a smaller diameter.

Blue Zone | Player Zone
Blue Zone | Player Zone

The circle get smaller in every few minutes, with the centre of the circle falling anywhere on the map.

If a player is caught inside the blue zone, his/her health starts decreasing and it can be only stabilised until the player is back in the play area.

The Blue Zone requires players to use different strategies while landing on the map to stay in the play zone and kill more enemies.

Player Zone Pubg Mobile Lite

The player Zone is the safe zone of PUBG mobile lite. It gets reduced in size as the blue zone stops, in the play zone you are safe from the damage you get from the Blue Zone. Try to remain in the player zone every time.

If the player zone made far from you take a vehicle or start running immediately or if you get in the blue zone you take damage, so always try to be in the player zone.


If you perform well in a match and clear all barriers and end up being the last person standing, then PUBG celebrates your victory by calling out the celebratory phrase – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

chicken dinner pubg mobile lite
chicken dinner Pubg mobile lite

The “Chicken Dinner” has just been morphed into a phrase for snatching a victory in any PUBG map. The more Chicken Dinner tags you claim to your name, the more points you earn for unlocking new rewards.

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Some PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Tricks

1. When you drop onto the island, where you can search for supplies, but not somewhere you think tons of other players will head right away unless your goal is to get into combat as quickly as possible.

2. A vehicle can help you get inside play zone quickly if necessary you can also hunt Air Drops as it will make travelling timeless.

PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Tricks
PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Tricks

3. PUBG Mobile Lite is populated with bots to help ensure each match has 60 contestants.

So just lying low for the first few minutes will help you outlive some of the competition, which is helpful when you’re first starting out with the game.

4. When the “Restricting the Play Area” message pops up, the safe area gradually shrinks from the outside edges in, so you have some time to get to the safe zone. If you’re close — and you can actually see the unsafe blue Zone coming close to you.

Some Tip

5. If you’re taking damage and can’t see who shot you then immediately go prone and look in mini-map for the sign of bullet, as you see the sign try shooting in that direction and search for a cover immediately, after taking a cover look in all direction with eye button. To see that only enemy is in the firing direction.

6. It’s always a good idea to close doors behind you so that it’s not obvious you’re in a building and if you are using headphones will playing the game it can help you hear the sound of the door opening which could help you ambush opponents when they enter.

7. Headshots do more damage than hitting enemies anywhere else. If you have a weapon with a scope, that can help you score headshots.

Try to go for the headshots which will also increase your skills and rating.


The PUBG Mobile Lite is a complete Gaming Package for you all how do not have much space on your Device or are Running Low RAM devices. The PUBG Mobile Lite is bringing all PUBG Mobile Features in it.
Overall the Game gives the Good Graphics and Sounds considering the Size of the Game.

Note:- We will keep updating the article to help you get more tips and tricks of PUBGMobile Lite, So BookMark the Home Page so that you do not miss any update and turn on the push notification from the bell icon present in the Right Side Bottom.

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