OnePlus Trumps Samsung & Regain Its Position In The Smartphone Market

Oneplus smartphone regained its position. It also clocked its highest-ever quarterly shipments global top-ten for the first time in history. Xiaomi retains its top position in India with a 28 percent market share as smartphone shipments in the country. Samsung and Apple are at number two and three positions, These premium smartphones costing above Rs. 45,000 which is… Read More »

Facebook Has Launched A New Technology Which Can Read Your Thought

Facebook is reportedly funding a study to see if researchers can decode the brainwaves of human into speech to help the people who can not speak. This brain and mind interaction program back at the F8 developer’s conference in 2017. Now the results regarding this project are published publicly. The research is conducted at the University of California,… Read More »

Google Assistant vs Siri vs Alexa, Which one will be better for you.

Google Assistant vs Siri, Which one will be better for you: Google Assistant application is one of the most trending and famous applications in this era of time. Now others applications are to try to give competition to the Google Assistant app. And there is a very tough fight in between all those applications. Some people are confused… Read More »

What is Automation | Types of Automation|Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation

Examples of automation in everyday life |Types of automation |Automation examples |Types Of Automation |Disadvantages of Automation |Examples of automation |All about Automation What is Automation Automation is a technology and basically its application work in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of the various goods. It can perform the task that is previously done or performed by the human being. The… Read More »

how to save facebook videos on android & save facebook video online

how to download facebook videos on android, how to save facebook videos to phone gallery, download private facebook videos, facebook video how to download, facebook video downloader for pc, facebook downloading HD, how to download video from messenger android, save facebook video online, All about how to download facebook videos. how to download facebook videos Facebook is basically… Read More »