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IMO APP FEATURES: IMO has various features which make it more easy and simple to use. IMO app security is also important to make it more secure as compare to the other applications. The best part of this application is you can also use this application in low memory devices.

What is IMO App

IMO application that provides you with a facility of the video call, Chat and voice call. You can easily download IMO application from play store. More than 5 Billons peoples can use this application and enjoyed features of it. You can access this software by using your mobile number and you can invite your friend also.
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IMO application features

This application provides better facilities as compared to other applications. And provide a facility of the instant messaging platform. The features of applications work over Wifi, 3G and 4G connections. Users are also doing so much fun by using these applications. IMO
IMO is one of the favourite audio and video calling app widely used by users all over the world. You can easily add your contacts in the IMO and start chatting, calling and texting to them for free of cost. The best part of this app is the person that you are communicating with can be using any device as long as it supports this IMO application.
The brief details of every features and trick are given below-:

Imo Video Call Free

imo vedio call
IMO video call

IMO have the ability to do video call with high HD quality. Most of the users prefer IMO video call due to their easy functions and security reasons. IMO is remarkably slim for a video calling app of its quality.
The initial download takes up little more than 6MB of your smartphone’s storage space. If we compare, WhatsApp will demand more than 37MB, while even smaller apps usually account for twice as much space. Nowadays, video calling is just another way to communicate on-the-go with IMO.
To start a new video call in IMO App, just find the contact you want to chat with and select the video icon right beside their name. 
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Instant messages

instant message
instant message

We can do instant messages in IMO app with the packages of stickers. IMO is a web-based instant messaging service that allows users to connect to multiple third-party instant messaging networks and communicate via chats consisting of text, video, and voice. 

IMO App Tricks

  • One of the best features of IMO app is, If you want that you are not interrupted by any person you can set your availability to away or Busy, you can also select the option of invisible, in that mode, you can receive all the incoming messages but no one can see you are online.
  • You can also transmit small audio clips or recording [30 seconds or less]. For start recording, you want to click on the plus (+) icon and then those voice IM form the Pop-up menu that appears in front of your phone screen. After that tab on the Hold and Speak button and record your audio clip.
  • Also, you can delete a chat History of one single person or you can also delete whole chat history by one click.
  • You can also change the background colour in the message box by click on the three-dot icon [right to the corner of your mobile screen ]. And then click on the Chat colour option.
  • The photo and video were automatically downloaded when your friend sends it. You can go to setting and then storage. In Storage, you can untick the (store photos and store videos option).
  • You can add your IMO camera on your Home screen. Go on setting option and after that, you can see (add camera to home screen) click on that and then your camera will be add on your home screen.
  • You can also hide your profile picture if you want. Go on setting option and then go to the privacy option. Click on the Profile photo option and then click on (Nobody )option.
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