Huawei first phone with home-grown Hongmeng OS will be launch later this year

By | August 5, 2019

The company’s first self-developed operating system. Huawei Technologies is testing a smartphone prepared with Hongmeng. This smartphone could be priced of around CNY 2,000 (Rs 20,000 approximately).
The China company Huawei expected to launch this smartphone in the fourth quarter of this year.
The release or testing of Hongmeng-powered smartphone would mark a big step for China’s  Brand Huawei. Huawei company has been continuously working on the new operating system for years.

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The software Hongmeng OS expected to be tested at the upcoming Developer Conference of Huawei. Expected to run from August 9 in the City Dongguan, China.
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According to a report by Global Times, the Huawei announced that it will first launch a new line of smart TVs. The Hongmeng OS is essentially being developed for IoT devices and it will not for smartphones.

If Huawei not allowed to work with Google. The company will have to examine using Hongmeng for smartphones as well.
Earlier, the Vice President of Huawei Public Affairs and Communications. Said that the company was in the procedure of launching Hongmeng. As a replacement to Android and it would be prepared in months.

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