How to viral post on Facebook |Advantage of facebook

By | February 9, 2019

How to viral post on Facebook, Facebook uses & Uses of Facebook
. Benefits of Facebook, Advantage of Facebook & What is Facebook. What is Facebook used for & all about how to viral post on Facebook
and Facebook advantages.

What is Facebook |what is Facebook used for

Facebook is basically a free social networking site. It is an American Social networking company and its base camp are in Menlo Park  California. It was found by Mark Zuckerburg and along with their college roommates. Actually, Facebook is a very big technology company.

  • Facebook can be accessed by Internet connectivity. After register user can create customise profile related information about themselves. YOU CAN SEE ALSO -: techproofs
Uses of facebook
Uses of facebook
  • It is an online platform by the help of this social networking sites we make new friends and the medium of sharing own thoughts and emotions in between your friends.
  • You can use Facebook in pc and as well as in your android phones, and also used in some keypad phones.
  • It was very popular in between teenagers and adults, as compared to the other social networking sites like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many more. SEE MORE -: Jiofi not working

How to viral post on facebook

how to viral post on facebook
how to viral post on facebook

To viral any post and the video the following simple and easy steps are given below-:

  • First of all, your content was very inspiring quotes, mems and many more.
  • If you think, if you can post any video or photo and it will be seen to all your friends and your joined group, so it is wrong. It can be work on the Facebook edge rank. Your post first, only available to see only 100 peoples and then your post will be got few comments, like or likes, then it will be multiplied to 10 and available to see for 1000 of peoples. And that pressure can continuously be going on.
  • You can teel to your Facebook friends to share, comment and like. And you select 20 to 30 person that does that like, share and comment every time without taking them so much time.
  • If the approach is successful and it will be seen to 1000 peoples then, your is done. After that, if only a few people can comment and share your post. Then your post is available to see for more and more peoples.

Top 5 Advantage of facebook

Advantage of Facebook
Advantage of Facebook
  • You can connect with the world using Facebook. Also, you can share your emotions, feelings and share your whole day enjoyment and incidents.
  • Chatting with your friends and relatives and Facebook is also a feature of calling and the video chat tool. Because of Facebook, you connect with your friend in a day to day life.
  • Facebook is also helpful in stay update with the latest news and information. The latest news and information are very fastly viral on Facebook. 
  • It was also used for business because Facebook is the easy and cheapest way of promoting the goods and for making a great brand value. It is also a way of earning money online.
  •  This application was also famous for finding dates. In Facebook, there is easy to find a date that shares a common interest and hobbies.
  • It is also used for entertainment purpose and used for increasing your site traffic.

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Facebook uses |Uses of facebook

Facebook uses
Facebook uses
  • This application is used for, making new friends and stay connected with your old friends.
  • This also helped to get aware of the latest news and information, help to get aware in day to day life.
  • Facebook also helpful for children, to do their homework and it is also great for the group discussion.
  • This can be used to create a group or a page for a common cause and in generating awareness in between the local peoples.
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