Fall Detection Feature in Apple Watch’s Save a Mother life

By | August 4, 2019
fall detection feature
Fall detection feature

Apple introduced a fall detection feature on its Apple Watches, it is to send emergency alerts. Now, this feature is matured enough to save the life of someone in the real world.
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According to the news corp Australia, Kate Donald, a patient suffering from epilepsy had a seizure when no one was around him. This epilepsy is due to her lack of sleep. Her husband is not there at that time because he decided to take their kids to grandparents so his wife gets some peaceful sleep without being disturbed. This attempt of her husband is to make a better health condition of his wife.
When she falls down from bed then and she has no idea what to do but thanks to the Apple Watch, its fall detection feature called emergency services and sent an emergency SOS to her husband who was the emergency contact set by her.
So this feature is creating a good impact on daily lives. It feels good to witness such cases where smart gadgets are actually doing good and solving real-life problems.
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