ESET Found New Ransomware which is Spreading on Smartphone Through SMS

By | August 3, 2019

A new kind of ransomware Android/Filecoder.C has been found which is spreading to other Android Smartphones through SMS messages. It was first Detected by Security firm ESET, who highlighted that the ransomware has been active since July 12, 2019.

For those who are unaware of Ransomware, it will encrypt all files on your device and won’t let the user decrypt or access them until some of the ransom is paid.

The Ransomware is demanded in the form of Bitcoin Payment by creators of the Software. In this case, hackers want around $94 to $188 worth of Bitcoins.

According to ESET, the ransomware was spotted on Reddit and XDA Developers forums. While XDA Developers swiftly removed links to this portal, the ransomware posts on Reddit were still up.

new virus
new virus

The ransomware was linked in the form of sex simulator game on these forums and encouraged users to comment on these posts.

How this ransomware is operating for Android

These posts contained malicious Android Files to download. As the Victim Downloads the files on their Phones, it quickly accesses their SMS and sends a malicious link to all the contacts and then encrypt the user files on the device. However, the user can still access and use their phone. The ransomware does not lock them out of the device.
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Decrypting the Encrypted files is not a simple task. ESET says the hardcoded key for encryption is an RSA-1024 public key, which can’t be easily broken.

The only good news is that the spread of the Android ransomware campaign is currently at a small level.

ESET suggest the Andriod users to, keep their smartphones up to date with the latest security patch and stick with the apps available on Google Play in order to avoid malicious apps getting downloaded to their devices.

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