E-Filing Lite: New Technology for Taxpayers

By | August 1, 2019

As we know that the Deadline of filing the Income-tax return extends to the date 31 August. Are you are not aware of, the new changes are also done in the ITR form itself by the Income Tax department. This thing is done for easy and quick filling of the returns by taxpayers. This all changes are done according to the taxpayer point of view. To make the taxpaying easy or the taxpayer do not face any hardness.

income tax e filing
income tax e filing

That can be accessed by just clicking on the “e-filing light ” button the homepage. And the current “e-fling portal” is having all the services by just clicking on the ” login portal button” it added.
The senior authority officers are also said that the new tab for, lite was also can be provided on the web portal. Once the taxpayer can be login to there account.
One problem also came for the taxpayers for a short period of time, that is the other tabs like e-proceeding, e-nivaran, compliance, worklist and profile setting was taken “off” from the lite “Version”, but it was retained or come back in their standard version of the E-filing facility.

Taxpayers can also be downloaded their pre-filed or XML forms and can be checked there past filled returns.
The Simple aim of this ”lite” version enables easy and quick ITR filing for all the categories of taxpayers. And make that work easy for them.

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