All About Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime

By | January 4, 2020

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Amazon prime is your app to have entertained in online music, videos, reading your favourite books, photos and your choice of online shopping.
There are two main benefits of using amazon prime and that are: free shipping and free 2-day deliveries.

Amazon Prime Membership Sharing

You can share your accounts with your prime membership shipping benefits to up to 4 four people without having a problem in terms of Amazon services.

Note that these people must live at the same address as you. Another meaning of this note is that membership can be shared with your actual members of the same household as your family members.

You can invite somebody but for that, you should have his or her name, email and address. After inviting if they choose to accept your invitation they should also know your birth date for verification.

Add-Free Video Streaming

This app has free video streaming with the ad-free feature. You can view your favourite video songs or movies. The Amazon has been seen as inferior to Netflix and Hulu, but it has also reached top heights.

It has added on features to channels which you prefer to view your latest or old season of series. Amazon Studios have been awarded also for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

Music Streaming Music

amazon prime Music Streaming Music
Amazon Prime Music Streaming Music

Amazon has more than 1 million songs or albums available in the playlist. It can be accessed by any prime member for free.

You can even create your own playlists for listening songs of your choice by adding them in your made playlists.

You can listen to songs with fast skips and fast access to them without having ads.

To use Amazon Prime Video for free. Click the below button to avail the offer:-

Free Amazon Prime Video Cookies 2020

Prime Photos

The amazon prime has the amazon drive for storing photos up to
5GB of free data storage.

This includes anything from photos to videos, documents to music files, and whatever else you might want to store on there.

As an Amazon Prime member, your free cloud storage plan is expanded and allows for unlimited photo files stored as part of the Prime Photos program.

All photos—whether previously uploaded or uploaded in the future—do not count against your cloud storage data limit.

Twitch Prime

twitch prime

This feature makes online free streaming to videos. Twitch is real-time streamed gameplay rather than prerecorded videos.

If you love to play online games this feature can be very useful for you. This feature is free for the prime members. It has bonus features available for you that you can unlock with twitch turbo subscription.

Prime Pantry

Amazon contains item like household essentials and groceries according to your choice of a cost that is not normally available. These items can only be viewed or bought by the program called prime pantry in the app.

You can place an order of these items if you want to buy it. The Prime pantry gives all the details to you about each and every item available for shopping.

With using the prime pantry, you have two options: either pay $7.99 for each shipment of prime pantry items or get a Prime pantry subscription for $4.99/month for free shipping on any Prime Pantry order of $40 or more.

Prime Lending library

Prime members who use kindle e-readers or kindle fire tablets can rent e-books for free and read them without any problems.

Rented books have no due dates and they can be shared with other devices with your use of Amazon account. But the only restriction that you can borrow only one ebook at a time per calendar month.

Prime members can also download one free ebook every month in kindle. Amazon also offers prime reading for prime members as there is unlimited access to fiction or non-fiction type of ebooks in Kindle format.

To use Amazon Prime Video for free. Click the below button to avail the offer:-

Free Amazon Prime Accounts and Passwords Generator 2020

Lightning Deals And Prime Day

Amazon has awesome deals programs called lightning deals. These deals contain any discounted item that’s only available in a certain quantity for a certain amount of time.

If you want to buy that item you can have it on a discount. These deals sell out very surprisingly so hurry up in your thinking power and get them. For Prime members, there is prime early access that lets you get a 30-minute head start on most Lightning Deals.

Prime members can also participate in the prime day, which is an annual event where thousands of items across the entire site are marked down. This contains items like Amazon devices and details or features about them.

Amazon Lightning Deals And Prime Day
Amazon Lightning Deals And Prime Day

Features Of Amazon Prime

These are the features of using amazon prime given below:-

1. Free 2-day, 1-day, or same-day shipping

2. Prime Photos (unlimited storage for photos)

3. Prime Music (unlimited ad-free streaming)

4. Prime Video (unlimited ad-free streaming, plus Amazon Channels add-ons)

5. Prime Reading (unlimited access to free ebooks, plus Lending Library and Kindle First)

6. Prime Pantry (flat-rate shipping for groceries and household essentials)

7. Prime Early Access (see Lightning Deals before everyone else does)

8. Prime Wardrobe (try before you buy when shopping for clothes)

9. Twitch Prime (Twitch Turbo benefits, plus free games every month)

10. Exclusive discounts when shopping at Whole Foods Market

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